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Robert Moore
I would have to say this has been my best experience in martial arts. Coach Marco wants the best from everyone and shows care along with pride in his class. In his class we are all equal and we all look to help each other. His classes are fun as well as rewarding; I'm more motivated now than ever before to achieve my Black Belt.

[Fernando Galliani]
Fernando Galliani
Coach Marco's coaching style has the perfect combination of discipline, fitness and fun. First my son joined and Loved It! Shortly after I gave it a try. There is nothing I regret of my decision. Now we share goals and we practice together. It is "OUR" thing and we are enjoying every second of it. Coach Marco is very focus on the detail of each move and expects every student to try their best to achieve the skills of Taekwondo. "Never give up!" is one of Coach Marco's key phrases that now my son uses often, as he continues the program, I am sure he will apply it in all areas of his life. Coach Marco teaches his students discipline (self confidence, self control, don't quit, achieve your goals), fitness (elasticity, strength, speed, accuracy) while having fun!

[g tsuan]
g tsuan
10 months ago
Great teacher and mentor ! I have two daughters who have taken the class for a year now. They loved the classes !

Darby Bazile 

In my very young years, I belonged to a martial arts school where the old-school style of training regimen was very rigorous and tough, although not perfect by today's evolution and standards. I recall students there being always very fit, very strong and really good. It was there that I learned the fundamentals of martial arts, which never left me, although I have been in and out for over two decades and grown old. Throughout the years, while traveling and living in different places in the United States and abroad, I have sought training from various schools from various styles. I have had a chance to receive training from different instructors/masters. I have seen for myself how their results affected my performance and compared to my original school. Some schools try to pass on way too much information in a short period of time, thereby not purposely neglecting the fundamentals of breathing, energy, balance, endurance, spiritual on and so forth. Some schools offer very little information, thereby also neglecting important aspects, such as rectitude of motion, concentration, nutrition, flexibility, stretching, so on and so forth. Such schools may be totally efficient for many people. However, for me, Coach Marco's CSTKD school is the first in a long time to remind me much of my original school. First of all, I could not help but take notice of Coach Marco's spirit when I first made contact with him. It is totally contagious and he is totally cool. I guess I have a lesson to learn in humility. Moreover, one of Coach Marco's secret skills may be motivation. He makes me find a reason to push myself beyond what I perceive as my personal limits and trains one on one with all students. He still trains hard himself and looks as if he wants to push me to turn my personal weaknesses into personal strengths. He also readily offers advice on athlete nutrition, fitness, flexibility, and is very attentive to details in students' performance, correcting them on the spot. Right now, I know I do not want to lose touch with the training approach of his school.

Julie Tullis
2 years ago-
My 5 year old son has grown tremendously in the short time he's been attending the Coral Springs Taekwondo Center. Coach Marco is an excellent coach and really has instilled the value of hard work, self-confidence and dedication at a very young age. We believe Coach Marco has a gift and are truly happy to have found this little gem in Coral Springs. I definitely recommended this center to anyone interested in taekwondo.

My both sons 9 and 4 goes to coach Marco. He is amazing and phenomenal. His constant motivation and his favorite saying"NEVER GIVE UP "is a true motivation and will help my kids in there future endeavors. We are really blessed to have him in my kids life.Thanks. Jamila Chagani

When I first met coach MARCO, I knew right away there would be a very special relationship. I have been a student at his school for 6 months, and at the age of 40, I finally found something I truly enjoy....I have lost 35 pounds since I joined his school 6 months ago, and my self confidence is at all time high. Not only Marco is great coach in TAEKWONDO, but is a great friend. Also he is a motivational speaker as well, I am truly proud to say that I am a student at PARKLAND  TAEKWONDO CENTER.    .JAMES W.

My 5 yr old son attends this center. It is AMAZING how much his balance and coordination has improved. He is also in another sport and this has actually helped him excel in the other sports that he has been playing. Coach Marco takes the time to focus on the little ones as he is training adults as well. He definitely has the skill and know-how to focus on various age groups and levels of expertise. I had a hard time looking for a center because they all say the same thing. I was referred to this center and I am glad that I found it. THIS IS IT, LOOK NO FURTHER!

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