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US Open Bronze Medal​       2015 

Coach Marco nogueira

Coach Marco Nogueira

  5th Degree Black Belt

My name is Marco Nogueira, or just Coach Marco. I grew up loving martial arts and when I had my first job (13 years old) I finally began training. The first years were extremely hard... I was very weak, shy and with lots of coordination and balance problems. My first instructor and peers  wouldn't understand my difficulties . I was the "worst" student in one of the very best DOJANs and every day after the training I had a thousand reasons not to ever go back there. However something inside me kept pushing me forward... I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO QUIT , I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP , no matter how challenging  it was.     

It took me 7 years of very hard work  to become a BLACK BELT. 

After moving to United States I was very fortunate to meet MARK WILLIAMS who began coaching me and brought me to his Master... The late Grand Master Ki Chung Kim in West Orange NJ , Master Kim was one of the best fighters and Coaches in Taekwondo history. There  I had chance to train in the daily basis with great US champions , Kevin Padilla, Keith Kelly, Mark Williams , Peter Bardatsos and Herb Perez (Olympic Gold Medalist 92) to name a few. 


With 35 years of experience training, coaching and still competing at International Level , I can understand and help  athletes overcome their difficulties ;  physically and psychologically . My students always help each other and work as a team  or family. Their overall growth is our priority  and they'll learn how to deal with the problems , searching  for solutions rather than quitting it! Perseverance and Respect are the building blocks of our Dojan.